to promote integrated sustainable development that is community driven and geared towards jobs and wealth creation


Linkages Development Agency (LDA) is a black owned consultancy that facilitates programmes and projects geared towards economic development and social upliftment, focussing primarily on previously disadvantaged communities. The main thrust in this regard is the provision of project management expertise to ensure community’s empowerment for sustainable social and economic development. To this end, LDA facilitates the identification of key economic opportunities and then assists communities in the implementation of relevant projects through various indigenous knowledge systems and training-orientated participatory processes that promote skills transfer for integrated sustainable development.

We operate through a network of a highly skilled development professionals, community workers, community based organisations and various other public and private institutions in South Africa. Although we work countrywide, we operate chiefly in South Africa’s Gauteng and Limpopo provinces as these provide a strategic opportunity to launch future relations with organisations in neighbouring SADC (Southern African Development Community) countries and Africa at large. Because of our extensive experience in dealing with rural development (some of our professionals have over twenty years’ experience in the field) we believe that we have established a best practice approach to rural development through a sound knowledge base acquired by forging strong partnerships with rural communities.

We assist our clients throughout the project management cycle from inception to completion based on the premise that meaningful partnerships between our clients and their chosen communities of operation are paramount for success. These partnerships underscore process ownership, holistic participation by all the relevant stakeholders and the application of indigenous knowledge systems. Ultimately, we aim to contribute to integrated sustainable development in South Africa and Africa at large through a people-centred outcomes-based approach.

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